A number of people and organizatons have provided time and resources to to help get the service up and running and to ensure it grows and improves. We'd like to express thanks to those who have contributed to the project. We'd also like to tkank those that help users on the community forums.

And while they may not always be visible to our users, we would like to send thanks to the people, groups, and organizations below.

If you don't see your name/logo on this page, and you should, please email us at web at supertweet dot net and we'll be happy to add you to the page. Thank you for using!

Mark Petrovic, Ph.D

Mark has generously provided an unmeasurable amount help and guidance for along with countless hours of patient debugging and code review. Mark also graciously hosts a SuperTweet slave server as part of the SuperTweet federation. That server is hostsed on a Joyent Accelerator VM.

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